Product Description

Rainscreen facades are an ideal way of protecting structure whilst providing insulation and creating a totally unique architectural statement.

Here at Stud, Track and Ceiling, we have an abundance of material options and configurations at our disposal. Below is a short but not exhaustive list of materials we can provide, all manufactured to the highest of standards.

  • A1 Non-combustible pre-coated aluminium – Face-fixed and cassette
  • A2 Powder coated aluminium
  • Corten steel
  • Zinc
  • A2 fire rated ACM
  • A2 Reconstituted stone
  • HPL
  • GRC
  • Brick-slips – Mechanical and adhered
  • Roll-formed and pressed secret-fix planking
  • Expanded mesh – aluminium and steel
  • Profiled sheet – Including louvre effects and bespoke profiling
  • Metal shingles

Panels are typically face-fixed, cassette or mechanically secret-fixed. Why not make a truly striking impact to your building by adding bespoke perforations in any pattern or artwork!

Due to the extensive array of options available, we highly recommend you give us a call to talk through possibilities which fit in with design, intent and budget. You may be surprised by just what can be achieved!