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Structural Decking

Structural Decking

Stud, Track and Ceiling have a vast selection of long spanning metal decking profiles for portal frame buildings which do not have purlins. The decking is fixed directly to the rafters, thus uniformly transferring load to the frame whilst providing lateral restraint.  Diaphragm action can also be achieved in most circumstances but will need careful consideration, so if called for we advise you to consult us at the earliest opportunity.

Typically used on large standing seam and single ply roofs, our decking profiles are available in both steel and aluminium.

Decking can also offer great acoustic benefits. Commonly perforated in sports halls and swimming pools to incorporate sound absorption qualities. The additional mass from decking can also be used to improve break in/out of sound, commonly termed as SRI or Rw value.

As the name suggests, structural decking is a fundamental element in the structure, therefore it is of paramount importance to ensure the appropriate profile, material, gauge, and finish are used. We strongly urge you to contact our experienced team for professional advice at the earliest stage possible.

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